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I’ve been working for several weeks on a redesign and we are now up and running with the blog included inside the official Morningside School website.  I’m still ironing out a few glitchy spots, the process of exporting/importing blogs is notoriously bumpy.  The new site does require scrolling to see everything.   If you run into issues when you poke around the newly designed www.morningsidepreschool.com,  send me a quick email to describe the problem.


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Making the World Your Child’s Classroom: An Adventure at the Spiral Jetty

Summer is approaching and with it a thousand opportunities for engaging your child’s mind and body in learning outside the classroom.  Our teachers can tell you, I believe strongly that anything we want children to learn can be taught outside.

Yesterday, Leyna (and Leyna’s brother Sam), Maddie, Caleb and I went on an amazing adventure with a crew of USU photo faculty and students. I know, I know, I am a little at risk of looking like I am sharing my personal vacation snaps with you, but the Spiral Jetty is one of Utah’s most amazing treasures and when I people tell me they have not heard of the Spiral Jetty, well, I just can’t help myself.

The Spiral Jetty is a site specific sculpture made by Robert Smithson in 1970.  It is fascinating to me because the massive “earth work” is  phenomenological, meaning, the experience of seeing the changes over time completes the artwork.  The first video clip features two art historians discussing the art.  I like this clip because they make a parallel arguement about art not belonging in a museum in the same way that I am making an argument for education existing out of the classroom.

The second video is a slide show of our trip — the Jetty itself was underwater, but the students there, preschool through university level,  received a gift  that no one will ever be able to take from them. They are now part of the art work’s story, they have become a part of a moment in time in the history of  the Spiral Jetty.

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Have you heard of the Dance Walking Fitness Craze?

If you’ve never heard of Dance Walking, check out the fabulous video clip that’s been circulating on Facebook this week!

Then watch it Morningside School style!

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Embracing Plan B

As many of you may know, traditionally, Morningside School sends home a super-cute basket of wheat grass with each child the week before Easter.  This year the kids planted, watered and lovingly tended to their little greenhouse, and some how, I must have completely botched the instructions.  EPIC FAIL!  My  mother always says, “No use crying over spilt milk”, but holy cow, I doubt she’s ever smelled moldy wheat grass…THAT aroma would bring a tear to the eye of the most stalwart parent…lol.

So we implemented “Plan B” and turned it into a unbelievably gross science experience about moisture, heat and mold.  In science, failure just means new information, right? The wisdom that says perseverance, not perfection is the recipe for success might just be a nugget of truth we all could be reminded of from time to time. :)

We adapted and sent home our freshly dyed easter eggs in very sweet little decorated cups — not the original plan but it worked out fine!

So, back to embracing “Plan B”… I was looking at the enrollment for our summer program and it became apparent that we need to do a little tweaking in order to fill the needs of our families at Morningside School and the Cache Valley community as a whole.  Voila, “Sensational Kids Club” (click link for a description) was born!  Plan B, but a plan who’s time has come.  You will be receiving flyers about this new program in the coming days.  We will still be offering Summer Camp for the AM session.  Please pass the information on to any family in the valley that has a child that could benefit from either of these programs.

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Early Goodbyes

It’s so hard to say goodbye!  * Sniff *  This month we bid adieu to Brittan, one of our lovely assistant teachers in the Preschool and Amber,  our lead Preschool Teacher.   We will miss them more than words can say… :(   Amber wrote this note to share with you.

Dear Parents of the Amazing Children at Morningside,

I am once again writing to explain a two week absence of mine. My husband was deployed last June on a 12 month assignment to Afghanistan, so I thought he would return in June of 2012. However, with the military one can never be sure of any dates, and he is returning sometime in the middle of May. We will be stationed in Colorado so I will be moving to meet him there as he will not be able to return to Utah upon his arrival in the states. My last day teaching will be May 11, 2012 and Clarissa (our incredible practicum student your children are familiar with—she has been here all semester and performed the children’s evaluations) will be subbing for me for the last two weeks of school. I apologize for any inconvenience and am saddened to be missing the end of the school year and the Spring Program. However, I would be heart-broken to miss my husband’s homecoming, so I truly thank you for your support and understanding in this situation. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with you and your magnificent children—I love them all and have learned so much from them over the year! They are so bright and full of life and energy—I will miss them! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great summer!


Teacher Amber

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Great Egg Ideas for Family Fun Over Spring Break!

Several of my favorite early childhood education bloggers got together to make a list of 10 fantastic things to do with eggs and I just had to share. Click this image to be transported to some of the coolest egg activities I’ve seen in a long time!


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It’s that time of year!


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