Established in 1971, Morningside School has been providing excellence in early education for 40 years. Morningside School is a non-sectarian private preschool and kindergarten for children three to six years of age.

Our mission is to ignite passion for learning by harnessing our student’s curiosity and engaging them in meaningful cognitive, physical, social and emotional learning experiences.  We understand that children develop at unique and individual rates.  Our highly qualified teachers work with each child based on readiness, interests and optimal learning cycles.

Our School:

  • Recognizes the role of the parent as the first and most important teacher in a child’s life.
  • Values the guidance of National Association for the Education of Young Children & strives for “best practices” in Early Education.
  • Opens the gates of imagination through immersion in well-written & beautifully illustrated children’s literature.
  • Fosters a creative learning environment rich in music, process art, dance, & dramatic play.
  • Gives opportunities for children to discover math & science through hands-on kinesthetic learning.
  • Encourages purposeful play in learning centers to meet developmental objectives.
  • Assists children in developing age-appropriate self-help & social skills.
  • Offers an amazingly low teacher to student ratio.  1:8 in Preschool, 1:12 in Kindergarten!
  • Provides a Kindergarten program that meets & exceeds requirements outlined by public schools.

“We know success has been achieved when a child’s eyes sparkle in delight as they share a moment of discovery, creation or effective problem solving.”


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